We exclusively provide our clients with quality wood products, including wood chips, forest biomass and sawdust. Read more about our offer and do not hesitate to contact us in case of any interest.

Wood chips

Wood pellets

Our company offers wooden pallets that meet the criteria of the EN plus A1 standard. Wood pellets are made of spruce wood.


Purchase sawdust:

We buy sawdust from softwood and hardwood cutting in the woodworking industry. We transport sawdust with our own large capacity trucks with a capacity of 85 – 90 prm with sliding floor (walking-floor).

Selling sawdust:

WorldWood, s.r.o. provides regular deliveries of sawdust for producers of wood pellets, briquettes, agglomerated materials and for energy purposes by own transport.

Sales of spruce wood pellets from debarked sawdust certified by ENplus A1 standard.

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