We specialize in exceptional solutions in truck and container transport and related services. With a wealth of experience in this dynamic and demanding field, we deliver efficient and reliable transport options. Your flawless logistics is an absolute priority for us.

Truck transport

Transportation of materials is provided by Worldwood s.r.o. with 15 SCANIA tractors, which meet the international ecological standard EURO 6 with large-capacity walking-floor semi-trailers. The volume of the semi-trailers is 85 – 90 space meters. In addition to transporting our own materials, we also provide transport of materials for external customers. The company renews its fleet at 4-yearly intervals as a rule.

Transport Certificates:

GMP + International no.: GMP011879

SGS No.: 30373

– determined by the carrier, carrying out the transport of waste for foreign use on the basis of the authorisation for the transport of goods under a special regulation

Decision : OU-DT-OSZPú-2018/000859/ROJ, registration number : 5/2018

Decision for the transport of waste classified in groups 01 to 20 in the catalogue of wastes according to Decree No. 365/2015 Coll. of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic.

Authorisation granted by the European Community to carry out international carriage of goods by road for hire or reward and to use any route for journeys or parts of journeys made for hire or reward within the territory of the Community pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1072/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 2009 on common rules for access to the market for international road haulage services and in accordance with the general provisions of the licence.

Container transport

In more difficult terrains, we provide forest biomass transport by Scania R420 and TATRA 815. Container trains are also used for the transport of side sawn timber, short waste sawn timber and other wood materials.

SCANIA R420 container set with 6×4 drive. SCANIA has a swap body for large containers and a rack body for transporting wood and timber.

Agro TATRA T-815 with 6×6 drive is mainly used for transport of forest biomass from difficult to reach terrains and transport for external customers in agriculture.

Shuttle transport

We transport the wood for chipping and further processing with Volvo and Scania skid steers equipped with a hydraulic arm. We also use vehicles to provide services to timber processing companies.

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