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Worldwood s.r.o. was established in 2017 as a successor of Marek Danko, which started producing wood chips in 1998.

Our main activity is the production, processing and transportation of wood chips for energy and technological purposes. We provide a complex process: harvesting, collection of wood mass from the plantations to the transport points for further processing, chipping, log transport, transportation of materials to the end customers.

Vehicles in the fleet
Mileage per year
Delivered volume for calendar year 2022



Worldwood s.r.o. transports materials using 15 SCANIA tractors that meet the international EURO 6 ecological standard with large-capacity walking-floor semi-trailers.



In more difficult terrains, we provide forest biomass transport by Scania R420 and TATRA 815. Container trains are also used for the transport of side sawn timber, short waste sawn timber and other wood materials.



We transport the wood for chipping and further processing with Volvo and Scania skid steers equipped with a hydraulic arm. We also use vehicles to provide services to timber processing companies.


by mobile chippers

Our company currently uses three mobile chippers for chipping (biomass production):

The Eschlböck Biber 84 RBZ mobile chipper is mounted on a MAN TGS 6×6 chassis. The chipper is equipped with an Epsilon M120L 97 hydraulic arm with a reach of 9.7 m. The chipper includes a Spaltbiber oversized log splitter. The chipper’s feeding system has a wide 122 x 60 cm infeed opening with an upper aggressive feed roller and a lower feed belt. The chipper is equipped with an interchangeable screen for the production of chips of different fractions (G30-G100)according to the customer’s requirements.

2x mobile chippers Albach Diamant 2000 equipped with hydraulic arm Epsilon-Palfinger S110F101. The chipper feed system has an inlet opening of 123 x 98 cm with an upper pressure belt and a lower feed belt. The chipper is equipped with an interchangeable screen for the production of chips of different fractions (G30-G120) according to the customer’s requirements.

Extraction, processing and biomass preparation services

Our company provides a complex process of biomass production and processing, which consists of the following activities:

Export of residues from the extraction process
Biomass production in coppice and coppice stands
Clearing areas and permanent grassland of woody growth
Cleaning watercourses and river basins
Disposal and clearing of vegetation around roads
Disposal of orchards
Purchase of wood mass for further processing
Deforestation of areas with planting of fast-growing trees
Processing of waste arising from the mechanical treatment of timber at dispatch warehouses
Purchase of timber for further processing


Vacancy: truck driver

Working Hours: Monday – Friday, weekends free

Requirements: C, E, driver card, psychological tests, medical examination, driver qualification card

Salary: at personal interview based on work experience


Vacancy: mobile chipper operator

Working hours: Monday – Friday, weekends free

Requirements: VP Group C, machinist license, experience min. 2 years

Salary: at personal interview based on work experience


Contact us

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Marek Danko
managing director
Marek Danko Jr.
sales representative
+421 902 525 002
Tomáš Vetrák
sales representative
+421 902 909 199
Svetozár Mojžiš
+421 911 697 314
Jozef Stupár
head of the dispatch warehouse
+421 911 697 301
PhDr. Martina Golianová
accounting (payment of invoices)
421 902 918 850
Ing. Miroslava Francistyová
economic section
+421 911 697 309
Eva Melichová
+421 911 697 376
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